Do not take your own measurements. Use cloth or plastic sewing tape measurement for best results. Wear the type of pants/jeans and riding boots you plan to wear with the chaps. Do not add to the measurements. We add some for ease of fit, outside drop, etc. If you are concerned that you want them a little bigger please let us know.

1. Waist: Measure all the way around, just below the belt                  _________inches

2. Upper Thigh: Straight around the widest part                                 _________inches

3. Mid-thigh: All the way around, between upper thigh & knee          _________inches

4. Knee: Around the center of the knee                                             _________inches

5. Calf: Measure around the largest part of the calf                            _________inches

6. Outseam: Just below the belt to the ground.                                   _________inches

7. Inseam: From crotch straight to floor.                                            _________inches

8. Thigh to knee: From crotch to center of knee                                 _________inches

9.  Ankle: Around ankle                                                                    _________inches

Custom chaps are made to fit the measurements provided. If you have any questions or special instructions about ordering custom chaps, please contact us.

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DATE ORDERED:_____________________________   DATE NEEDED:_____________________________________

MATERIAL:  qCowhide   q Lambskin  q HP/Heavyweight Ultrasuede q Medium Weight Ultrasuede  qOther:


CONCHOS: q 1 Concho   q 2 conchos  q Self Covered q Silver  q Chicago Screw(s) only - add your own silver

FRONT BUCKLE: q 3 Piece Set   q Plain only - add your own silver